Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Grandmaster of Karate teaches Self-Defense to Arizona Adults

Group hug with Soke Hausel, Sensei Paula Borea (2nd dan) and Sensei Bill Borea (3rd dan) at the
Arizona Hombu - home of the Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster
Soke Hausel has been teaching martial arts most of his life in-between prospecting and consulting for gold and gemstones. He was actually on an exploration team of 7 geologists who discovered what is thought to be one of the ten largest gold deposits ever found in history. And he had made other gold discoveries and found diamond and gemstone deposits for companies and the State of Wyoming. In addition to research on mineral deposits and writing books (and occasionally sketching) he teaches traditional Okinawan martial arts

His focus is adults and families- this is because he has taught martial arts for 40 years at various universities, where the martial arts students were faculty, staff and the university student body. Grandmaster Hausel loves to teach and you can find him most any day at his karate school (dojo) at 60W Baseline Center in Mesa, or prospecting - either way, he is working with rocks

If you are a rock hound and forget your rock pick, Soke Hausel has a solution for you.

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