Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adult Karate in the Phoenix East Valley

Two of our favorite people - Sensei Paula Borea with
Sensei Bill Borea. These two recently made the news on
Fox 10 when they were both promoted to nidan black belt
This may not sound too unusual, but they are married,
trained in Japan prior to moving to Mesa, and they are
also karate grandparents! 
In the East Valley of Phoenix, the Arizona School of Traditional Karate (also the world headquarters for Seiyo-Kai Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo), welcomes (yokoso!) visitors to its traditional school (dojo). 

The Arizona School of Traditional Karate is a traditional Okinawan karate school with typical Japanese decor including ikebana.

Dr. Teule trains with Elaine 

We are always excited about our new students and we tend to attract bright and personable students - our world organization probably has more PhDs per ca pita training in martial arts than any other martial arts association. But we also have students from a large variety of backgrounds.

So our new martial arts students are greeted by everyone in the club. You will find everyone will want to help you on your journey in the martial arts - this is just part of martial arts training. You will make new friends, learn martial arts with considerable power, but you will find yourself laughing and enjoying yourself as you train with your uke (partner). We are serious about martial arts, but also have a good time learning. So at the Arizona Hombu, your martial arts instructor will be either Professor Hausel, 12th dan, Dr. Neal Adam, 7th dan, Sensei Paula Borea (2nd dan), Sensei Bill Borea (3nd dan) Sensei Ryan Harden (2nd dan), Sensei Patrick Scofield (2nd dan) or Senpai A. Pillow (1st dan).

The majority of our classes are geared towards teaching adults in self-defense and the traditional art of Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, but we also teach Japanese samurai arts and cater to families. The family that kicks together stays together. 

Members of Utah Shorin-Kai train at the Arizona Hombu
Members of the Utah Shorin-Kai have visited out dojo every year from 2009 to the present (2015) for an annual spring clinic.

We have also had clinics for non-martial artists to learn self-defense at our school in Mesa. People who attended this public clinic learned to use their knees, elbows and even car keys for self-defense. 

Another clinic was taught in Gillette, Wyoming to Seiyo Kai International members from Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. This clinic focused on the Okinawan Yari (spear) and Kotekitae (body hardening). This clinic is only open to members of Seiyo Kai International.

This was to be followed by a clinic from the Police DAV karate team from India. However, bureaucrats at the US Embassy in New Delhi would not provide visas to these high school students. Over the past few years we have had cancellations from this part of the world many times simply because some bureaucrat at the embassy exercises his right to be a bureaucrat and not providing visas to legitimate martial arts groups for no reason. 
Dai-Soke Eric Hausel with Soke Hausel at the Hombu in Mesa 

Training in Gojushiho kata at Mesa

Rob Watson, Kyoshi, 8th dan, practices kata self-defense applications at the Arizona dojo.