Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Arizona's Adult & Family Karate and Self-Defense Classes

We specialize in teaching adults and families! Adults of all sizes and all ages!

Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster Hausel loves to teach martial arts. He began teaching martial arts more than 4 decades ago and through the years taught at four universities where 99% of his students were adults. Some years, his karate and jujutsu classes included 50% female. And while at the University of Wyoming, he taught a variety of martial arts classes and self-defense to ROTC, women's groups, faculty and staff, church groups; and often teamed up with University Police Chief Tim Banks to teach classes in Self-Defense for Women.

Corbett Gym at the University of Wyoming
He has since become one of the top martial arts instructors in the West and continues teaching traditional karate, kobudo, self-defense and samurai arts. In fact, his love of educating people in martial arts, led to several national and international awards and he was even recently recognized as a Who's Who in Martial Arts Legend in 2017. All one has to do is to examine his martial arts awards and then take a look at wiki. We highly recommend that you research his background with a quick internet search on Google and Bing for Soke Hausel. If you think he may be the right instructor for you, then by all means, please stop by our dojo (we don't have any salesmen so you won't be harassed into signing up for classes) and take a seat in our peanut gallery and watch a class or two. Then, please compare our instructor and our martial arts school to others that may interest you. We can almost guarantee that we have one of the more highly educated martial arts groups with scientists, engineers, accountants and teachers and also some of the friendliest martial arts groups in Arizona.

It was on the plains of Laramie, Wyoming where a martial arts instructor continued his teaching career offering a wide variety of martial arts classes and clinics to the faculty, staff, student body and general public - traditional karate classes, traditional kobudo classes, self-defense for adults, self-defense for women, samurai arts classes for adults, traditional jujutsu classes for adults, Women's karate classes and more.  While teaching adult karate classes, this martial arts instructor continued his research in Archean rocks and mineral deposits (rocks older than 2.5 billion years), diamond deposits, gemstones and gold. This instructor enjoyed teaching people about prospecting and at the same time, loved to teach the students and faculty all aspects of the traditional Okinawan martial arts

After 30 years of teaching, he retired from Wyoming and packed up and left for Arizona where he continues research on rocks and minerals as well as continues teaching adults and now families how to defend themselves using their hands and feet.

So, today, the Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster of Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo teaches several adult-oriented karate classes at the Arizona Hombu Dojo in Mesa. The reason for his focus on adult (and family) martial arts classes is because he has always taught karate and kobudo to adults at various universities where kids were not an option.  The only difference today, it that his classes are now smaller due to available space. When he taught adult karate at the University of Wyoming, his classes often exceeded 100 people because of the available gyms. Whereas today, his Arizona karate school has a size that limits classes to 25 adults and families.

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